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Shakespeare Theatrical Experience

- Stratford-upon-Avon 2009 Programme

This is our twenty first year in offering this four day Theatre Holiday. It combines an enjoyable learning experience together with great performances of the plays on each evening.

The two morning seminars, of around one and a half hours each, will explore:


  1. the major themes of the play and  
  2. approaching a key scene in dramatic terms.


The afternoons are free to explore the delightful town of Stratford - our hotel will be situated near the town centre.


We will also be paying a visit to the Shakespeare Centre. Later in the evening we will see a performance of the play we have been exploring in the morning seminars.


The tutor is Bob Cooper who has been teaching Shakespeare for the past three decades in various Scottish universities and who will be delighted to answer any queries on tel: 01698 801459, mob: 0777 2096621 and by email  


The cost of The Stratford Experience will be £429 depending on your requirements.